Top 13 Wildlife Sanctuaries In Himachal Pradesh

Here is a list of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat that offer a glimpse into the rich flora and fauna of this beautiful destination. Take a look and note these down for your next adventurous escape!

1. Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park is one of the unique and the very famous national parks of India. True indeed, it’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and there are several reasons to prove that this incredible park deserves to be one. It is well located in Kullu district and is said to occupy an area of 754 sq. km approx. Those who had visited the said national park has nothing but golden words of praises for its enormous area of alpine pastures and glaciers. You can certainly see and witness a wide variety of wildlife species of Western Himalayas such as musk deer, goral, leopard/snow leopard, serow, bharal, brown bear, cheer, kolkas, snow cock and many others. If you are in Himachal Pradesh then make sure you don’t miss visiting this amazing park right with your near and dear ones and of course with children if any as they will too have their fair share of enjoyment and excitement.

2. Bandli Sanctuary

Bandli Sanctuary is a very beautiful and quite a recognized wildlife sanctuary which is well located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh. It is a well-known home to snow leopard which can be witnessed and spotted living in their natural habitat. Besides the magnificent snow leopards, there are other several wildlife species which can be seen here and this amazing wildlife sanctuary is nothing but simply an ideal spot to visit with friends and family. To name some of the most seen wildlife species are Himalayan black bear, common palm civet, barking deer, Goral, Indian hare, and Rhesus macaque. To make a note of, this sanctuary was earlier a protected forest. Several couples would be seen exploring the said wildlife sanctuary as this place is also roman to be quite romantic and of course, its ambiance and atmosphere is truly magical.

3. Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary

Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary is a very beautiful and of course a widely visited wildlife sanctuary in Kangra, the heart of Himachal Pradesh. It lies right at the northern and southern sides of the mighty Dauladhar mountain ranges. Speaking of its size, it is very well known to be spread over an area covering about 167.40 sq. km and you can truly find your sweet paradise amidst the dense yet impressive forest which holds the very beautiful Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary. You are recommended to visit here with friends and family to make the most of the sanctuary and you can spot some of the finest wildlife species such as Himalayan Ibex, flying fox, Indian hare, leopard, striped hyena and of course the beautiful brown bear. Nevertheless, you may also see wide species of pheasants such as monal, western tragopan and kajil to name few.

4. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is a very famous wildlife sanctuary which is very well situated right between Dalhousie and Khajijar. The charm and beauty of the said wildlife sanctuary can be truly justified by the impressive variety of flora and fauna and of course the very scenic and picturesque scenes that can be witnessed all around. The visitors can see a wide variety of wildlife species such as Himalayan serow, deer, leopard, jackal, black bear, langur, Himalayan black marten and several others. Besides having the opportunity to spot several beautiful endangered species of animals but you can also enjoy a calm and quality time right beside your loved ones amidst the endless number of deodar trees found in the sanctuary’s vicinity let alone the beautiful streams pass through the said sanctuary which eventually meets the mighty River Ravi. Out of several wildlife sanctuaries located in Himachal Pradesh, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary has of course been loved and widely visited by numerous visitors throughout the year.

5. Kanwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kanwar Wildlife Sanctuary is said to be located close to Shacha and Satupurna mountain peaks and it is very well considered to be the finest wildlife sanctuary in Kullu. One of the major attractions of the said sanctuary has to be the very beautiful yet endangered Himalayan Thar. Besides, there are other several wildlife species which are spotted here such as yellow-throated marten, flying squirrel, snow leopard, brown bear and golden jackal. The beautiful ambiance, remarkable yet very unique landscape and decently attractive scenic views of the surroundings do make this wildlife sanctuary a must-visit for sure. As this huge and very beautiful wildlife sanctuary is situated at the perfect and very friendly neighborhood so it is well recommended to any visitor seeking for a decent place to spend some quality time with their friends and family amidst the beauty and charm of nature.

6. Khokhan Wildlife Sanctuary

Located just a few km away from Kullu is an amazing wildlife sanctuary in Kullu named Khokhan Wildlife Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is a habitat to an incredible variety of mammals and reptiles. The highlighting factor of this wildlife sanctuary is the Himalayan Black Bear that is now tagged as an endangered species. Established in 1954, this sanctuary is spread over an area of 14.2 sq km, and is often visited by travelers who are staying at or passing Kullu on their trip to Himachal Pradesh. This is a must visit for all the animal lovers out there.

7. Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

Tagged as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary is a jewel in Himachal Pradesh. This Wildlife Sanctuary was established back in the year 1976. Blanketing an incredible variety of wildlife species, this is perfect for those who wish to get closer to nature and the wild both, Sambar Deers, Cheer Pheasants, Crested Porcupine, Leopards, Himalayan Black Bear, and Wild Boars are the common sights for visitors visiting this sanctuary. There is also a great variety of flora species that can be observed here. The lush greens of the dense forest here is truly remarkable and spell-binding for many.

8. Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary

Churdhar is another one of the great wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh that one can visit. It was established in 1985 and can be seen nestled in the districts of Sirmaur and Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. From barking deers to black bears, from musk deers to leopards, one can witness all sorts of wildlife species on their trip to this sanctuary. The right mix of flora and fauna species in this town is what makes it as charming as ever. One can also witness Indian peafowl, red jungle fowl, and koklass pheasant residing here harmoniously. As for flora, there is a great variety of oak, deodar trees, and the beautiful fragrant herbs that cover the floors of this sanctuary. It is a perfect escape from the bustling city life and into the lap of mother nature.

9. Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary

Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary otherwise also popular as the Gopalpur Zoo is surrounded by the Dhauladhar mountain ranges in Kangra district. The zoo is full of maple, chestnut and chil trees. You can spot some Asiatic lions, Himalayan black bears, cheetahs, sambar, ghoral, pheasants, peacocks and so many more.

10. Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

The Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal. It is a forested preserve of nature featuring hills and valleys with many hiking trails and wildlife. The sanctuary is very beautiful and has dense Deodar forests that vastly stretch out. You will find pure solace and tranquility of nature away from the noise of the city. Several trails also encourage cycling within the sanctuary.

11. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is full of exquisite greenery and wild mountain animals. Located just 2 km from the main town, the sanctuary is spread across an area of 3,180 hectares.  You can spot a lot of animals within the park including Flying Fox, Indian Hare, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr and many such exotic animals. Trees like the Deodar, Kail, Horse Chestnut, and Maple cover the entirety of the sanctuary.

12. Kais Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kais Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the serene valleys of Kullu. A trip to this sanctuary is the perfect way to endorse a trip within nature. The mesmerizing and lush green surroundings make for a peaceful abode. You can spot an exotic range of animals including goral, cheer pheasant, sambar, barking deer, leopard, etc.

13. Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary

Witness nature’s magic within the serene land of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh and contains the rarest species of flora and fauna. The amazing deodar and coniferous vegetation lets you behold the mesmerizing nature in front of your eyes. You can capture some of the finest pictures of animals like Indian serow, snow leopard, brown langur, and ibex.


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