Best Places to visit In Manali

1- Rohtang Pass

Adventure & Trekking | 13,400 ft. | 10am to 6pm | Activity Cost Varies | Duration

of Visit – All Day


Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass


Rohtang pass, situated on the Manali – Leh highway high above at an altitude of 4111m (13,400 ft.), is one of the most popular places known for tourism in Himachal. It connects the Kullu valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. The road trip to Rohtang in itself is an adventurous ride among the narrow roads of the mountain. If you are an adventure lover, this is definitely the place you need tovisit. A deep valley submerged into the clouds surrounded by snow capped mountainsis a reward for your quest. It is because of this that many successful Bollywood movies like Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Jab We Met were shot in the beautiful landscapes of Rohtang.

2- Solang Valley

Adventure & Trekking | 10am to 6pm | Activity Cost Varies | Duration of Visit – 2

to 3 hours

Solang Valley
Solang Valley


Derived from a combination of the words – ‘Solang’ (Nearby Village) and ‘Nallah’ (Water Stream), Solang valley is a side valley on the way to Rohtang pass. It is mostly known for the sporting activities it offers during the summer as well as winter seasons.

With a horizon of activities like Paragliding, Zorbing, Parachuting, horse riding, skating and much more, a trip to Solang valley will never be a disappointment. You can also plan your trip to the summit through trekking, ropeways or driving your own ATVs just like in the movies.

3- Hidimba Temple

Pilgrimage | 8am to 6pm | Free Entry | Duration of Visit – 1 hour

Hidimba Devi Temple
Hidimba Devi Temple


The Hidimba Devi temple, also known as the Dhungri Temple, is an ancient cave dedicated to the goddess Hidimba. It was built by Raja Bahadur Singh in 1553 amidst the dense forest, Dhungri Van Vihar from where it gets its name. It is an ancient cave temple, 24 meters tall with three square roofs carved with timber. This temple is devoted to Hidimba’s sister and Bhima’s wide – Hidimbi Devi. According to the famous legend of Mahabharata, the pandavas stayed in Himachal during their exile where the brother, Bhima fell in love with the ruler Hidimba’s sister, Hidimbi. They had a son together but at the time of returning from the exile, hidimbi decided to stay back and atone for her deeds. It was during that time when she attained the status of a goddess and became Hidimbi Devi.



Adventure & Trekking | 6am to 6pm | Free Entry | Duration of Visit – 1 hour



Gulaba is one of the most famous places in Manali for sightseeing. It is situated at a distance of 21.5 km from Manali bus stand, 13.5 kms from Marhi and 8Kms from Kothi village. It falls on the route to Rohtang Pass on Leh – Manali highway at an altitude of 4000m.

This beautiful area deep in the beds of winter snow is named after Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir. He camped in Gulaba while on his journey to invade and conquer China.

Gulaba is the most preferred place for skiing after Rohtang Pass. So, if Rohtang is closed anytime, Gulaba might be your best option. It offers you many other sport activities other than skiing in a snowy landscape.


5-Vashishtha Temple & Hot Water Springs

Pilgrimage | Historical & Heritage | 7am to 9pm | Free Entry | Duration of Visit – 1

to 2 hours

Vashishtha Temple
Vashishtha Temple


The Vashishtha’s temple is named after the sage Vashishtha, the Kula guru of Lord Rama. It is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites to visit in Manali. it is located at a distance of 3.5 Kms from the Manali bus stand. It is a 4000 years old site with finely carved beautiful carvings.

The village itself is named Vashishtha after the Rishimuni Vashishth, one of the seven sages of Hindus. Rishi Vashishtha on learning that his children’s demise was because of Vishwamitra, tried to commit suicide by jumping into a river. But the river denied of that sin thereby letting him live. Rishi started a new life in the village and named that river, Vipasha which means free of bondage. The Vipasha river was later renamed to the mighty Beas.


6-Van Vihar

Park | 8am to 7pm | Entry – Rs. 5 | Activity Cost Varies | Duration of Visit – 1 hour

This beautiful walking space is a municipal garden located in front of the Tibetan market on Manali’s famous Mall Road. It is a park full of deodar trees that provide you enough shade in sunlight to find a perfect picnic spot. The tall deodar trees let you a sigh of relief as you breathe the fresh air in serenity away from the pollution of metropolitan cities.

The main focus of this park is a one its kind, man made lake in the middle of the woods. You can enjoy boating at a very reasonable price of only Rs. 30 as your children are enjoying the time of their lives on the swings. It is a beautiful place to visit at sunset as the horizon looks like the entrance of heaven when Beas river engulf the sun in front of the mountains.


7-Manu Temple

Pilgrimage | Historical & Heritage | 8am to 6pm | Free Entry | Duration of Visit – 1


Manu Temple
Manu Temple


The Manu temple is devoted to the Indian sage Manu. The sage who is known to be the creator of human race on earth according to Hindu mythology. He also conducted his meditations at this place. Manu temple was reconstructed in the year 1992 and marble floors were added along with vaulted ceilings. There are multiple idols of gods and goddesses in addition to ancient artifacts.


The distance of 3Kms from Manali bus stand makes it within reach. The temple has an elegant view the Beas river surrounded by hills on all sides which makes it one of the most visited places in Manali by tourists. Its pagoda style architecture is the main attraction for tourists.


8-Naggar Castle

Historical & Heritage | 10am to 5pm | Entry – Rs. 20 per person | Duration of Visit –

1 to 2 hours

Naggar Castle


The nagger castle reminds you of the medieval times ambience with its infrastructure. It was built by Raja Sidhi Singh in 1460 AD in Naggar. It is situated at a distance of 20Km from the Manali Bus stand which is an efficient and fun road trip.


The Naggar Castle constitutes a traditional architecture made of Kathkooni, a combination of wooden beams and stones. It renders an elegant look to the infrastructure with the snow-covered peaks and Beas valley in the background covered with hills on all sides and apple orchards.

9-Manikaran Gurudwara

Pilgrimage | Nature & scenic | 6am to 6pm | Free Entry | Duration of Visit – 2 to 3


Manikaran Gurudwara
Manikaran Gurudwara


if living in a metropolitan city did not allow you the time to experience the hospitality of a gurudwara, this is a must visit place and the aura of the place is a reward for waiting so long. The gurudwara is located at a distance of 42 Km from Kullu, 61 Kms from Naggar and 80Kms from Manali.

It is situated in the Parvati valley between the Beas and Parvati rivers of the Kullu district. Manikaran stands famous for its medicinal hot water springs, the gurudwara and lord Ramchandra’s Temple.

Manikaran is associated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati where they stayed for a long time. Here, Goddess Parvati lost her Mani in a water stream and asked Lord  Shiva to find it. When they couldn’t, he angered up and opened his third eye to perform Tandava. To calm him down, Sheshnag pacified Lord Shiva by throwing up a flow of boiling water with various gemstones (Mani).

10-Rahala Waterfall

Waterfall | Nature & scenic | 6am to 6pm | Free Entry | Duration of Visit – 30 mins

to 1 hour

Rahala Waterfall
Rahala Waterfall


The waterfall, so hypnotizing wit its beauty attracts many travelers from around the world. It is located at a distance of 21Km from Manali Bus Stand on the Leh – Manali highway. It is high up at the altitude of 2501 Kms which makes it extremely cold to bear with the melting glaciers around. Not only the waterfall itself but the surrounding silver birch and deodar trees attract tourists to capture the flora of India in their cameras. The best time to visit this [place falls from March to October when there is maximum amount of water falling from the mountain.

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