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Gyan Rachana Tours & Travels Company applies certain terms and conditions on the user to which they must obliged. Whether it is browsing, accessing, interacting or booking through our site, it implies to all type of users. Therefore the user must read the below section very carefully and agree to each and every Terms & condition without any objection.


This site and each of its modules are exclusively reserved by Gyan Rachana Tours & Travels and its collaborated third party providers (Hoteliers, Transporters, Affiliates, Travel Agents, and Airlines etc.). The terms and conditions may vary from one service provider to another service provider. Therefore, while agreeing with our T& C you are obliged to follow their (s) also. In addition to that we have full authority to modify/abandon any of the agreement without any prior notice. So, do visit our website for updated version of the agreement and terms & conditions.


The contents of the website are strictly prohibited for any modification, further selling, reframing to other sites/blogs or any other unauthorized use. By initiating /attempting to use the data without permission, you violate copyright laws, privacy and publicity laws, hallmark of company etc. As a consequence to this you have to face the jurisdiction scenario.


Since the site the in under construction, all the information displayed on the site has been recently uploaded and might contain errors. They are subject to omission, correction and modification, hence it’s recommended for the user to contact us for the accurate information. If the user books the service without consulting us he/she shall be solely responsible for any inconvenience faced by him/her i.e. service issues, rejection, cost increment etc.


Gyan Rachana Tours & Travels holidays is registered under Tourism of Department & Aviation and is of 9001:2008Certified. It is well known for its optimum services available at very reasonable prices. We have numerous suppliers all over the world and we work day and night to change your fascinating dreams into reality.

While serving our customer we try our best to fulfill what we have committed. However in few cases we will not be not being held any liability which is as follows:

Booking made directly from online booking portals without consulting us.

We shall not be liable for any un-availed services by the customer and this amount will not be refunded/adjusted in any another services.

Situations beyond our control : Force Majeure(Natural Disasters, Harsh Climatic Conditions etc), Strikes, Personal Injuries, Property Damage, Hotels/Airlines under government surveillance, Government Control/Union policies in particular area etc. In these cases, No Refund policy will be implemented and customer might have to bear cancellation charges or any additional expense caused by these circumstances. Though we will provide full co-operation during these incidents and we expect the same from you.

Our contents and website are well protected by various Anti-Viruses and anti-hacking devices still due to ever increasing technology your personal data might be at risk. Hence if you suspect any loss in your transactions or any unauthorized use of your personal data, immediately contact your bank, as well as Gyan Rachana Tours & Travels Holidays.

Sometimes Gyan Rachana Tours & Travels act as an intermediary between you & third party, whatever information is directed to us is conveyed to you. In case they fail to abide by their words we shall not be liable or blamed for service dissatisfaction and the matter should be resolved between you and the third party.

In addition to that the above given “accuracy of the site” policy is also applicable on the user.


Gyan Rachana Tours & Travels Holidays the right to function according the following actions:

Omit/Amend/correct any information displayed on the website. This may/may not affect the user but still we suggest to keep them updated esp. if they have booked or about to book the package. This will avoid any inconvenience during the tour.

We may de-activate our website and its contents (Packages/hotels/Train/Buses etc facilities) anytime we wish.

We may display the reviews sent to us or our executives and on our website or other social sites. While depicting them we may re-phrase or add few minor things in that but all in all will keep the meaning of review same.

Due to any confidential matters, we may change the hotel/transporter /airlines. The intimation for the same will be done either beforehand or on the spot (15 min-2 days of deadline). However we do assure you that these changes will be either shifted to similar category or upgraded ones to ensure the best for you.

The company has complete authority to change the package costing due to hike in tariff of hotels, transportation & fuel expenses, airfare, additional charges levied by the govt./sate/regional areas etc.

Customer must clear the desired payments within the stipulated time. In any case if the customer fails to do so we have full authority to terminate his/her booking after deducting our minimum compensation charges.

Disputes: In case customer denies to pay the desired amount for availed/un-availed services due to his fault or any external factors , we have full authority to terminate the services immediately without any prior notice (even if he/she on tour) and file a case in jurisdiction court of Shimla/ Delhi. Customer must persistently report at the court of jurisdiction. (Note: The language to be used during the case will be English).


Our knowledge our based on either exploration or internet. In case our executives have not explored a certain area they will convey the information from the respective hotelier’s/airlines/transporter’s websites. In case these websites showcases the amenities which are not present during your visit we will not hold any responsibility for the same.

The prices tags showcased on the website are promotional rates and apply to lowest category of holiday packages/airlines/buses etc available till certain period of time.

The visuals shown on the sites are obtained from the third party suppliers and might be the attractive version of that particular service. So it is advisable for you to evaluate the same from our company’s feedback and other social sites.

Few offers are available for a specific span of time and must be availed and booked within the stipulated time only.

We shall not be responsible if the airlines/hotels restrict to board the flight/provide check in due to document issues.

Every destination have different standards of services i.e. Hotel/Airlines/Aids, transport etc. facilities which may/may not match with your expectations. This creates a vulnerable situation for us to provide exemplary services to you.

We do not offer any type of insurance to the customers and nor to their belongings.

Any damage to the things/property done by the customers during the tour must be bear by them only.

After booking, confirmation letter/E-tickets will be issued to the customer. Customer must go through it carefully and in case of any error must interact with us immediately as the later on information will not be considered.

Abusive Language /Violent Behavior of customer will not be tolerated and company will seize all the services immediately.

The above listed Terms & condition binds Gyan Rachana Tours & Travels Holidays and you in a contract of acceptance to which user must adhere. By this agreement you notify us that you have understood our rights and restrictions on you and you will co-operate and will not do anything to violate it.

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