History Of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

History Of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve One of the most protected regions in the Western Ghats, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve was declared a tiger reserve in 2009. The tiger reserve spreads over an area of 391 sq km. The reserve[...]
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Best Adventures Waterfalls Near Coimbatore

16 Top Waterfalls Near Coimbatore Waterfalls are without a doubt the masterpieces in the lap of nature. They are a powerful stream of water that falls down from a higher elevation. As intriguing they might sound, these[...]
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Best Places Visit Near Kodaikanal Tamilnadu

12 Best Places Near Kodaikanal So, here is a list of top 10 places near Kodaikanal that make sure you have a wonderful time whilst on a vacation to this beautiful town. 1. Coaker’s Walk – Take A Stroll It is[...]
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Himachal best travelling tourist spot kasol

About Kasol Kasol is known for its picturesque landscapes and interesting culture. This place always finds itself in traveler’s list, especially those who are looking for peace as well as adventure. The villages and[...]
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10 Magnificent Places To Visit In Old Goa

10 Magnificent Places To Visit In Old Goa With Friends And Family In 2020 Goa cannot be explored in one visit. Every time you take a trip there, dedicate to a region and explore at your own leisure. So, read all about the[...]
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