History Of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

One of the most protected regions in the Western Ghats, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve was declared a tiger reserve in 2009. The tiger reserve spreads over an area of 391 sq km. The reserve which also includes Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a conservation zone and features in the list of world’s 34 bio diversity hotspots. The tiger reserve is a popular attraction in the Western Ghats and offers travelers a heavenly experience.

Best Time To Visit Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

The tiger reserve is a year-round destination but monsoon (June – August) is not an ideal time to visit the Parambikulam. However, October – March is highly preferred by tourists because of the pleasant weather conditions.

Entry fee for Indians: INR 23

Entry fee for foreigners: INR 300

Vehicle entry fee: INR 70 for car, INR 150 for minibus, INR 200 for bus

Geography Of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Located in the Chittur taluk of Palakkad district of Kerala, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a biodiversity park brimming with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Pollachi and Valparai are the nearby taluks encircling the park region while Thrissur and Mukundapuram are the places bordering the national park area.

The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a protected area in the Western Ghats and has defined forest divisions lying in the midst of Anamalai ranges in Tamil Nadu and Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala. An ideal place to be, the tiger reserve is one of the largest in India and a popular habitat of tigers.

Wildlife Of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

You can spot around 28 tigers residing in this Tiger Reserve. Apart from the tigers, you can also come across sambar deers, spotted deers, peacocks, leopards, elephants, porcupines, bisons, and Nilgiri Tahr. There are also rare plant species and several types of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and butterflies that you can find here. Rare species of frogs known as Parambikulam Chilappan can be seen only at this Palakkad reserve.

Places To Visit In Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Nature’s diversity makes this place a haven for tourists. There is plenty of attractions and exciting things to do in the tiger reserve that you must consider visiting. Evergreen forest, freshwater ecosystem, and marshy landform the tiger reserve, which is widely known as the home of nature’s fiercest predator. Across the span of the park region, there are a few places where you would want to take a detour. Of course, you would!

Connemara Teak, Orientation Center, Thunakadavu Dam, Parambikulam Dam, Dam View Point, and Vanasree Eco shop are some of the popular places of interest in the tiger reserve area.

Activities In Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

1. Jungle Safari

Jungle safari allows you to venture across the park and watch the wildlife in their natural habitat from the close quarters. Dawn is the best time to spot the tiger as they plan to slide behind the bush before the sunrise. A ride can accommodate up to 25 people for the jungle safari.

2. Trekking

Bamboo rafting is an adventure activity that you can try if you are looking for more exciting activities in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

Bear Path Trail: Bear Path Trail is a 4 km trekking trail that begins from ‘Nalayiram Point’ which takes one through vast teak plantations. You may come across the tracks with the pugmarks of a Sloth Bear. Approximately 500 m into the trail, you reach the feeding ground of sloth bears which they visit early in the morning. The trail is covered by teak plantations and bamboo groves on either side.

Pugmark Trail: Pugmark Trail is for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Here the chances of catching the glimpse of a tiger are much higher. This trekking trail of about 10 kilometers begins from Peruvaripallam Earth Dam. On the way, you reach the Kannimara teak, which is the world’s largest teak and is 460 years old. The trail through teak plantations then reaches Thunacadavu and back to Anappady.

Elephant Song Trekking Trail is the other popular activity planned in the park that brings you closer to the best of the wild.

Kariyanshola Trail: Kariyanshola Trail is a 6 km trekking trail that commences from Anappady and then takes one deep into the moist deciduous forest inside Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. After a 4 km walk, you enter the dense woods, the evergreen forest which is filled to the brim with wildlife. It also includes bamboo rafting and trekking. The trail starts from Anappdy information center at Rock point then to the vast teak plantations and returns to Anappady.


For jungle safari: INR 200 per person

For pugmark trail: Indians – INR 3600 for a group of 5, foreigners – INR 6100 for a group of 5

Stay Options In Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve has some of the most exciting resorts and huts. Quaint and beautiful as they all are, these stays boast of panoramic vistas and glorious landscapes. Wake up to the infinite views of swaying streams, cascading waterfalls, and lush greenery around. Some of the prominent stays in the park are:

1. Tented Niche

Tents are the most popular stay options in this destination. These tents not only gives you a chance to embrace a true and authentic experience, but also adds to the thrill that you are seeking. Go for Tented Niche, it is the highlight of this Tiger Reserve.

2. TreeHouse

If you are going with your partners and seek a romantic escape, what’s better than a treehouse? It’s secluded and has serenity spread all around. It also gives you a chance to get closer to the wonders that mother earth has to offer.

How To Reach Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

By air: Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airstrip from Parambikulam Tiger Reserve at a distance of 95 km. The tiger reserve can be easily reached from the airport by a private cab in 2 hours.

By rail: Polacchi is the nearest railway station at 38 km from the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. Take a private vehicle from the railway station to reach Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

By road: The tiger reserve can be reached by road from Palakkad and Coimbatore, both of which is 80 km far from the tiger reserve.

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