11 Best Beaches For Parasailing In Goa

Here is a curated list of the best beaches for parasailing in Goa that offer unlimited fun with comprehensive safety measures.

1. Calangute Beach

If you are looking for the best beach for parasailing in Goa, you cannot skip out on Calangute beach. Clear skies offer the ideal layout for indulging in parasailing here. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Majestic Fort Aguada while trying out this sport. It is a hotspot for parasailing where a large number of tourists flocks in to experience the thrilling water sport over the majestic Arabian Sea.

Activity cost: INR 800-1000 per person

Duration of parasailing: 20 minutes

Location: Calangute, North Goa

2. Candolim Beach

The beach is known for its scrubbed dunes which makes this beautiful beach a paradise for parasailing lovers. The water sport is enjoyed on this beach by a lot of foreign tourists. If you are on the lookout for enjoying water sports and beauty together, let this beach do the magic. For the ones looking for stay options, there are many hotels, resorts or hostels around the beach with spectacular views of the Arabian Sea.

Activity cost: INR 800

Duration: 20 minutes

Location: Candolim Beach Road

3. Sinquerim Beach

This is undoubtedly one of the best beaches for individuals seeking thrill in Goa. Its beautiful golden sand and captivating backdrop featuring Fort Aguada, a famous historical creation makes way for being a highly favored beach to enjoy parasailing. If the historical view is your thing, visit this beach for enjoying the activity. The beach is largely famous for a range of other water activities too.

Activity cost: INR 600

Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Near Candolim Goa

4. Baga Beach

Baga beach is one of the most popular beaches which offers an abundant opportunity to tourists interested in water sports, especially in parasailing. Its breathtaking view offers the perfect backdrop for enjoying adventure sports. Visitors love trying their hands on parasailing while soaring in the sky amidst green lush mountains. Parasailing in Baga Beach Goa is one of the best recreations you can have on your trip to this tropical land.

Activity cost: INR 800 person

Duration: 20 minutes

Location: Bardez District, North Goa

5. Mobor Beach

The beach witnesses massive wild waves that make it an excellent spot for parasailing. Enjoy a profound adventurous ride on the beach by harnessing yourself with safety equipment. Parasailing on this beach offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. Parasailing enthusiasts are going to marvel at the sight of this beautiful beach in Goa while soaring high of crystal clear water.

Activity cost: INR 900

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes

Location: South Goa, next to Cavelossim beach

6. Majorda Beach

This beach is ideal for adventure enthusiasts who are interested to catch a wave while gliding over the water. The wild untamed waves make it a perfect spot for enjoying parasailing at its best. The water sport at this beautiful beach comes with an added bonus of rendering a spectacular view of Goa. The experience is even better when the wind condition is at its best. And to top it all, Majorda Beach has the most affordable parasailing in Goa price.

Activity cost: INR 500 to 800

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

Location: South Goa, between Utorda and Betalbatim beach

7. Dona Paula

In addition to the above-mentioned beaches, Dona Paula too makes it to the list and can be considered as one of the best places for parasailing in Goa. It is set on rock headland where river Mandovi and Zuari confluence with the Arabian Sea. For a fun and thrilling parasailing activity, the pristine and crystal clear water of the Dona Paula beach makes way for the best parasailing in Goa experience.

Activity cost: INR 500 to 800

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes

Location: Near Dona Paula, a village in the suburbs of Panaji

8. Anjuna Beach

When you are looking for parasailing activity, you cannot go wrong with Anjuna beach. Located just 18 kilometres from Panjim and being surrounded by the blue waters, this beach makes way for one of the best parasailing spots for tourists. Its soft white sand adds to the beauty while soaring up in the sky. This spot for parasailing should be a must-visit on your next trip to Goa.

Activity cost: INR 500 to 800

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

Location: Anjuna Beach, near the village of Bardez Taluka in North Goa

9. Vagator Beach

The famous beach is highly popular as the fame of Dil Chahta Hai is a great addition to this list. Its beauty is unparalleled and this sport does justice to it. While flying high in the sky, participants can enjoy the lush landscape that is truly magnificent and one of its kind. The perfect combination of clear blue sky and white sand makes it a favorable place for parasailing among tourists from all over the world.

Activity cost: INR 500 to 800

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Location: Vagator Beach Road

10. Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo beach, located at one end of North Goa is a perfect getaway for soaking in the sun while parasailing at your best. The pristine beach that faces red cliffs offers an exciting experience while enjoying parasailing by adventure enthusiasts. If you are residing in North Goa, this beach is a must-visit to enjoy this thrilling water activity. Apart from water sports, tourists can also enjoy laying back on the lounge and soak in the basking sun.

Activity cost: INR 500 to 800

Duration: 10-20 minutes

Location: 8 km away from Dabolim Airport

11. Colva Beach

Beaches in Goa are highly popular for parasailing and Colva beach is one of them. This beautiful beach is widely popular for its sheer beauty and rapid waves. The exquisite silver-white sand makes it ideal for enjoying parasailing. You can witness the beauty of the sparkling silver sand while soaring above it. Colva Beach has the highest parasailing cost in Goa. However, it promises not to disappoint parasailing enthusiasts who are going to have the best time while enjoying this thrilling water activity.

Activity cost: INR 950

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes

Location: Colva Beach Road

Tips For Parasailing

Parasailing is not a very common sport but it’s quite popular. We would really like you to enjoy parasailing. So, do keep these below-mentioned tips in order to get a fulfilling experience from the sport.

Know your sailing equipment

Keep a check on the weather

Listen to your trainer

Be in proper communication with the crew

Know the limits you can go like weight, age, etc.

Try to fly over a beach, it’s safer

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