12 Exciting Things To Do In Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie has plenty for those who love to explore. While some prefer adventurous activities, some prefer spending time in tranquil environment with their friends and family members, No matter where you go in Dalhousie, you will always find scenic landscapes, lush greenery, and misty mountains. Here are some of the most preferred things that travelers love to do if you’re wondering what to do in Dalhousie:

1. Panch Pulla – Experience The Magic Of Whispering Woods

This picture perfect spot lets you experience five streams blending with each other and creating a scenic waterfall. Panch Pulla stands for five bridges. With whispering woods around, you will find this place to have a magical influence on you. What adds to that is the combination of lush greenery and old bridges. Dalhousie and its surrounding places rely on Panch Pulla for water. Visited by hikers, photographer, trekkers round the year, this spot lets you experience a tranquil atmosphere amidst the shushing streams and refreshing forest breeze. The parkland here has a monument here dedicated to Sardar Ajit Singh. This is one of the best things to do in Dalhousie for kids as well.

2. Khajjiar – Go Paragliding

Khajjiar stands crowned with green meadows, lush forests, and pristine temples at an altitude of 6,500 feet. This small plateau is adorned with a lake in the centre and a nine-hole golf course. Having influenced many kingdoms over years, Khajjiar today is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the globe. Adventure-seekers come here to experience various adventure sports such as paragliding, horse riding, zorbing, and so on. Combining lakes, pastures, and forests, this small town remains closed during the Winter due to excessive snowfall. Ideal to be visited during the months in between January and June, the mini-Switzerland of India will leave you amazed with its breathtaking landscape.

3. Chamera Lake – Go Boating

Located approximately 25 km away from Dalhousie, Chamera Lake is situated above 763 meters above the sea level. With its breathtaking beauty, the Chamera Dam owes its beauty to spectacular mountains filled with greenery. A bot ride here can unravel the avenue for you to rejuvenate your mind and soul. Whether you love boating or fishing, Chemra Lake is perfect for all such things. In addition, you can come here for camping as well. If you are free, you should visit this spot early in the morning to experience sunrise against the calm water. Come prepared to be engulfed by the beauty of nature.

4. Satdhara Falls – Take A Dip

Visiting Satdhara Falls is one of the top things to do in Dalhousie. Seven magnificent streams pass the Chamba Valley to plunge into the pool here. The water of the Satdhara Falls is said to contain mica which has a significant amount of medicinal properties. Most of the tourists go for a dip in the water here. Gifting you with tranquility, this fall comes out of lush greenery and adds to your lifelong memory. Located on the way to Panch Pulla, this fall gives you a fresh feeling with the smell of mud and vegetation. In addition, the noise of the waterfall will certainly leave you amazed when you hear it with your eyes closed.

5. Dainkund Peak – Go For A Scenic Hike

Located at an altitude of 2755 meters above the sea level, Dainkund Peak is known for being one of the highest points in Dalhousie. Hiking this peak is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Dalhousie. Not only will you be able to enjoy snow-capped mountains from here but also will enjoy the refreshing breeze that accompany you throughout the hike. Once you reach the peak, you get to see waterfalls and rivers. Being one of the most adventurous things to do in Dalhousie, this trek is filled with scenic charm. From the peak, you will be able to experience the 360 degree view of the entire valley which will certainly leave you amazed.

6. Chamunda Devi Temple – Offer Prayers

Located at Chamba Valley, Chamunda Devi Temple has a significant mythological significance. According to the mythology, Goddess Kali killed the demon kings named Shumbh and Nisumbh here. You will find Lord Bhairav and Lord Hanuman on two sides of the temple protecting the Goddess. In addition, the intricate carvings add to the beauty of the temple along with the colorful temples. If you believe in spirituality, this place will certainly give you a vibe of serenity and aura. The lush greenery in the surroundings adds to the beauty of the temple.

7. St. John’ Church – See The Beautiful Architecture

Experiencing beauty and history together at the St. John’s Church is one of the best things to do in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh. Constructed in 1863, this Protestant Church will rejuvenate you with British-style stone construction. Adorned with glass paintings, St. John’s Church takes you through an engaging tale of Saint John and Peter. The library located within close proximity from the church contains a large collection of books that depict the local history and culture. To get the best experience at the church, you must come here on a Sunday morning when the mass prayers take place.

8. Tibetan Handicrafts Market – Buy Some Exquisite Items

Your trip to Dalhousie remains incomplete without shopping at the Tibetan Handicrafts Market. Visiting this market is one of the best activities to do in Dalhousie. At this market, you will find a wide variety of items including scarves, shawls, hangings, carpets, jewellery, and so on at an affordable price. The best part is that you can satisfy the foody soul of yours here at the food stalls that sell delectable local foods. If you are looking forward to buy a souvenir for friends back home, this is the perfect place to get such things.

9. Ganji Pahari – Enjoy The Lovely View

The serene trek to Ganji Pahari is one of the best things to do if you are still wondering what to do in Dalhousie. The hill has received such a name because of the lack of flora at the top of it. Thousands of trekkers across the country come here to experience the colors of the landscape and mesmerizing mountains. The gorgeous view from the top is the reason why none ever complaints about trekking. Being ideal for trekkers with moderate skill, this trek can be done by beginners as well. In addition, you are advised to carry your own food, water, and anything else that you might need. Also, it is best to take the help of a guide instead of going in the wrong direction.

10. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary – Try Hiking

Surrounded by the wild and tall trees and also the grasslands, the view standing here is magnificent. The sanctuary has many nature trails that are marked and offer a chance to enjoy trekking and a relaxing walk. While here one can also get a glimpse of the Himalayan Monal, Eurasian Jay, Pines & Firs along with a surreal landscape that adds up an edge to the thrill and adventure. Trekking one of the fascinating activities to do in Dalhousie and one can experience that here.

11. Subhash Baoli – Enjoy The Hot Spring

This baoli is named after the famous freedom fighter, Subash Chandra Bose. This is actually a perennial spring that is known for its medicinal properties, which is believed to help recover ill-health. Surrounded by the dense trees, this is one of the best places to visit for enjoying a relaxing evening and witnessing the untouched beauty of the place.

12. Garam Sadak – Take A Walk

This road has a fascinating name because of its incessant rise in hot temperature during the daytime. Standing here one can witness the beauty of Dalhousie and the view of the surreal landscapes which surround the place. The road is adorned by the tall trees and there are some local shops from where one can buy some of the daily necessities. This is one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie and enjoy capturing the captivating views.

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